Resident Evil On Xbox

The survival horror series started life on Playstation, however many of the later games have now been remastered for Xbox One. Here’s a guide to some of the best games now available…


Resident Evil 5 (Release Date 2009/2016)

This African-set Chris Redfield adventure introduced a voodoo-style zombie threat. Chris, now an agent for the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), and his new partner Sheva Alomar, shoot their way through hordes of undead in a much more action-focused game than previously. It is a great co-op game and seems to be more about the shooter.


Resident Evil Code Veronica X (Release Date 2011)

The action moves to Antarctica, some months after the Raccoon City outbreak, as Claire Redfield, still searching for her S.T.A.R.S. brother Chris, finds herself captured by Umbrella and imprisoned on an Antarctic island, where there’s an outbreak.


Resident Evil 6 (Release Date 2012)

Following on from RE5, this one again has a heavy emphasis on co-op play, with up to four players being able to play at once although you can play single player with an AI companion or even go it alone. Chris, Leon and Ada return for an inconsistent plot but also for some great moments. The action is ramped up is RE6 and is a great, cinematic action game.


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (Release Date 2012)

This off-shoot team shooter is non-canon which has you playing as an Umbrella Security Service squad, sent to collect T-Virus samples from the Raccoon City mess. It includes a wealth of multiplayer options and is set in the Resident Evil universe.


Resident Evil Revelations (Release Date 2013/2015)

This hand-held original set aboard a huge ocean liner made the leap first to Xbox 360 and then to Xbox One. Character models are best on the Xbox One version, while Jill Valentine’s story is charmingly old-school Resident Evil but also engaging, with some blobby monsters thriving on sea water and bodily fluids.


Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Release Date 2015)

This sequel is presented in episodic form, with Claire Redfield and Barry Burton from the original games as its stars. It is a compelling story which keeps you hooked, both atmospheric and dramatic, with thoughtful game mechanics to the puzzling and exploration. There is a fully comprehensive Raid Mode which features lots of levels, unlockable characters and plenty of rewards.


Resident Evil (Release Date 2015)

A 1080p update was added to the backgrounds and textures to the original classic. You return to the creepy Spencer Mansion with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine throughout a tense, atmospheric puzzle with limited resources, claustrophobic camera angles and a labyrinth packed with zombies, zombie dogs and mutated plants and insects.


Resident Evil Zero (Release Date 2016)

This doesn’t quite overcome the original’s shortcomings, with a predictable and forgettable setting and story. It does have improved lighting and better textures and is a prequel to the original game featuring Rebecca Chambers as she explores an abandoned Umbrella training facility.


Resident Evil 4 (Release Date 2016)

The first of the Resident Evil games to switch the perspective to an over-the-shoulder view. It started Resident Evil 2’s Leon S Kennedy, searching for the president’s daughter in a creepy part of Spain. The disturbing hordes of parasitically infected locals, being controlled by an evil cult called the Los Illuminati, and introduction of those relentless, metal-headed Garrador freaks, make this one of the most imaginative games.


Resident Evil 7 (Release Date 2017)

For this version, Capcom returned to the series’ intense survival horror roots. This refocusing and switch to first-person perspective, may have meant abandoning the games’ old-school charm, but it did give a terrifying gaming experience. The player is dropped into Texas Chainsaw Massacre cannibal hillbilly territory.